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Agents for Teampoly Water Solutions:

Contact us at Victor Landscapes Supplies for all your water storage solutions,  including  fire fighting units, pumps, stock feeders and troughs, grey water systems and storm water fittings.  We can remove your old tank then supply and install your new tank.

Summer Special - take an extra 5% off all round tanks plus add 1 free cooler or pump when you purchase any two tanks listed below. Valid till 31/12/19 - conditions apply.  13,500L 22,500L 27,000L 40,950L 50,050L



Traditional Rounds  Diameter  Inlet height  Total height 
545 litre (120g) 700mm 1775mm 1775mm
900 litre (200g) 1150mm 1165mm 1165mm
1000 litre (220g) Brick Base 900mm 2020mm 2020mm
1600 litre (350g) 1220mm 1825mm 1825mm
2300 litre (500g) 1720mm 1365mm 1365mm
3000 litre (650g) 1440mm 2260mm 2260mm
4500 litre Tall (1000g)  1830mm  1995mm  2120mm 
4500 litre Squat (1000g)  2250mm  1460mm  1550mm 
5400 litre (1200g) 2000mm   2030mm  2190mm
8000 litre (1800g)  2350mm  2100mm  2200mm 
9000 litre Tall (2000g)  2570mm   2180mm 2300mm 
9000 litre Squat (2000g)  2890mm  1570mm  1900mm 


Rural Rounds   Diameter  Inlet height Total height 
13,500 litre (3000g) 2805mm 2360mm 2580mm
22,500 litre tall (5000g) 3530mm 25305mm 26705mm
22,500 litre squat  (5000g) 3730mm 24100mm 2580mm
27,000 litre (6000g) 3970mm 2570mm 2750mm
40,950 litre (9000g) 4400mm 2420mm 2800mm
50,050 litre (650g)  4400mm  3030mm   3420mm


Modular Tanks  Width  Hight Depth
1140 litre Corrugated 1800mm 1570mm 500mm
1500 litre Corrugated 1800mm 2000mm 600mm
2500 litre Corrugated 2400mm 2000mm 600mm
2000 litre Flat 1950mm 2000mm 600mm
2500 litre Flat 2400mm 2000mm 600mm





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